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ARCPANEL Roof Systems – Fully customised, complete roof solutions

ARCPANEL understands that one roof doesn’t fit all projects, which is why we have developed a fully customised roof system that can be accurately manufactured to your design and structural specifications. Every roof panel is constructed to your precise engineering requirements at our state of the art factory and delivered to site when you need it.

ARCPANEL has preserved the unique Australian characteristic of corrugated iron and added insulation (EPS-FR core) to create high strength roofing systems.

An ARCPANEL roof system is a complete roofing solution which reduces on-site trades and labour components.

Select your Roof Product

Custom PanelCorrugated Roof Profile

Minimum roof pitch 5°

    • Unsupported spans up to 12.5m
    • Superior thermal ratings up to R6.5
    • CodeMark Certified
    • BRANZ Fire Certificate for BAL 29

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Ecotek Roof Panel

Minimum roof pitch 2°

    • Superior low pitch to 2°
    • Pre-finished top and bottom sheet
    • R6.1 thermal ratings
    • CodeMark Certified
    • BRANZ Fire Certificate for BAL 29

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Aquatek Roof Panel
Minimum roof pitch 5°
Minimum roof pitch 2°

    • Warranties up to 20 years
    • Panel thickness range from 75mm to 250mm
    • Fire rated to Group 2 – roof and wall lining material to comply with the BCA

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Firetek Roof Panel
Minimum roof pitch 5°
Minimum roof pitch 2°

    • BAL 40 – Tested for Bushfire and Fire Resistance
    • Panel thickness range from 85mm to 105mm
    • Superior thermal ratings up to R6.6
    • Rapid installation

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Benefit from an ARCPANEL Roof

Custom manufactured to your architectural and design requirements, the innovative ARCPANEL roof systems allow you to design without boundaries, whilst significantly reducing structural and labour components.

Cyclone Rated Roofing System CYCLONE RATED ROOF SYSTEM

Rated up to C4.


ARCPANEL panels achieve industry leading spans of up to 12.5 metres, cantilevers of up to 4.5 metres and are faster to install than a conventional roof.

Fire Tested Roof System GROUP 1 FIRE RATED

ARCPANEL roof systems have been certified with Group 1 fire rating in accordance with the fire hazard properties of BCA C1.10a.


ARCPANEL can offer material options that are suitable for marine or corrosive environments with warranties up to 20 years.


Up to 20 years warranty available – for peace of mind (subject to conditions).


R-value rating of 6.5. An ARCPANEL roof reduces heating & cooling requirements providing a higher comfort level, reducing energy costs.

Roof System Applications

ARCPANEL roof systems are suitable for use in multiple applications including residential, patio’s, awnings, carports, multi-residential, commercial, educational, defence and public buildings.

ARCPANEL, the smarter, faster, easier way to build

Recreational (stadium)
Recreational (stadium)
Low Pitch Roofing
Low Pitch Roofing
Beachfront Property Roof SystemAbsolute Beachfront
Sustainable Building DesignSustainable Buildings
Commercial Roofing Solution
Commercial Internal
Commercial Exterior Roofing
Commercial External
Educational Roofing SystemEducational Roofing
Multi-Residential-RoofMulti – Residential
Residential RoofResidential Roof

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