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ARCPANEL Roof Systems – Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial Roof for Swimming Pool

ARCPANEL is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying high performance roof systems for commercial projects. Australian made with product warranty up to 20 years, ARCPANEL insulated roof panels provide environmental benefits to commercial spaces, all in one easy to install versatile roof system.

The ARCPANEL roof panel can achieve significant cantilevers, in some applications up to half the actual back span and this unique system eliminates the need for complex, expensive roof structures. The lightweight ARCPANEL panels are easily handled on site, achieving faster, lower cost installation.

Straight, curved or multi-curved configurations can be developed, suitable for most architectural designs.

Benefit from working with ARCPANEL

With over 35 years of roofing technology used throughout Australia, benefit from our proven track record of producing innovative roofing solutions, backed by exceptional customer service and technical support.

Our Services:

  • Reputable manufacturer of quality products backed by exceptional customer service
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customer Service Team
  • Technical Services & Drafting Team

Our products

  • NCC / BCA compliant and certified products
  • Panels can be manufactured in straight , curved and multi curved configuration to suit the project
  • Panels up to 250mm thick and 24 metres in length

Panel Installation

  • Easy to Install
  • Pre Manufactured Roofing, Ceiling and Insulation providing an all in one solution
  • Work to Shop Drawings
  • Minimal On-Site Waste

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ARCPANEL – Work with the team you can trust

The ARCPANEL Sales & Sales Support Team are competent and friendly ensuring that your experience with ARCPANEL is a positive one. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service and our representatives are happy to discuss our products with you further; just give them a call or send them an email.
Nadia Potts

Queensland & Northern Territory

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NSW–Sydney to QLD Border

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NSW–South Sydney to Vic Border, ACT

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Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia

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Western Australia

Sales Support is one of the most important assets at ARCPANEL. Often the first port of contact for many of our clients, Sales Support ensure that all our clients receive a friendly welcome and great customer service. Sales Support are highly organised and you can be confident in knowing that your query or order will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. ARCPANEL Sales Support provide an array of skills, experience and knowledge to the team and make us firmly believe that our customer service is second to none.
Sales Support: Australia wide

Need help selecting a roof for your project?

Call ARCPANEL for assistance on 1300 200 004 and speak with one of our experts.

ARCPANEL – Fast & simple to install, the all-in-one roof, insulation and ceiling solution

The ARCPANEL is a pre-fabricated structural insulated panel, available in a range of contemporary profiles (corrugated, Trimdek® & trapezoidal) comprising of Colorbond® steel sheeting, which is bonded to both sides of a profiled fire retardant EPS or PIR core.

Each ARCPANEL is formed using the selected profile (corrugated, Trimdek® & trapezoidal) on both roof and ceiling side of the panel.

The panel’s top and bottom sheets are pre-finished in an extensive range of Colorbond® colours.

ARCPANEL Roof systems are compatible with most architectural designs as multiple configurations are available across the range. Available in straight, curved and/or multi-curved panels.

Up to 20 years warranty available – for peace of mind.*

Firetek PIR – BAL 40 Rated Roof Panel

The ARCPANEL roof system featuring a PIR insulation core (Firetek) was introduced in response to the mandatory bushfire attack level ratings; a prefabricated insulated panel that consists of two single Colorbond® sheets which are bonded to a fire-retardant PIR core.

Firetek PIR roof panels have excellent thermal insulation and are especially suitable for use in bushfire prone areas. BAL 40 – tested for bushfire and fire resistance (AS 3959). R-value up to 6.6 allows you to maximise energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.

EPS – FR Roof Profiles

Roof Panel Profiles

PIR BAL 40 fire rated roof panel

Firetek PIR Roof Profiles

Visit our Project Gallery to view a range of completed projects

Interested in transforming your building into a contemporary architectural design? Our gallery features a range of projects that showcase the ARCPANEL Roof System in various applications.

Need help selecting a roof for your project?

Call ARCPANEL for assistance on 1300 200 004 and speak with one of our experts.

Fully customised, insulated roofing solutions

Custom manufactured to your architectural design requirements, innovative ARCPANEL insulated panel systems allow you to design without boundaries, significantly reducing structural elements & labour components, whilst providing excellent thermal properties that reduce energy demands for the life of the building.

Superior Warranty

Up to 20 years warranty available – for peace of mind.*
Cyclone Rated Roof System

Cyclone Rated

Cyclone rated up to C4. ARCPANEL roof panels are tested in accordance with NCC/BCA requirements.
Fire Rated Roof System

Group 1 Fire Rated

Certified up to Group 1 fire rating in accordance with the fire hazard properties of NCC/BCA.
Large span available

Superior Span

Industry leading spans of up to 12.5m, cantilevers of up to 4.5m and quick to install.

Fast Track Projects

Reduce costly structural items & labour components, saving time and money.
Drafting Service

Drafting Service

Comprehensive drafting service to ensure your roof system is manufactured to the correct requirements.
Corrosive & Marine Solution

Marine Solutions

Roofing options suitable for marine or corrosive environments with warranties up to 20 years.
Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Service

Experienced customer service teams provide assistance during installation if required.
High Thermal rating

High Thermal Rating

R-value ratings up to R6.6. An ARCPANEL roof can reduce heating and cooling requirements.
Sustainable Construction


Prefabricated systems made to order can reduce construction time, waste and embodied energy.

ARCPANEL Roof System Benefits

  • Pre-finished high durability & low maintenance
  • Reduction of costly structural items & labour components, saving time & money
  • Superior low pitch – suitable for roof pitch 2°+ applications
  • Achieve up to 12.5 metres unsupported spans – reduce expensive support structures e.g. roof trusses & support beams
  • Large cantilevers of up to 50% of the actual back span can be achieved (dependant on the design)
  • Pre-finished top and bottom sheet – extensive range of Colorbond colours available
  • Compatible with most architectural designs as multiple configurations are available across the range
  • Cyclone tested up to C4 in accordance with NCC/BCA
  • ARCPANEL roof panels are available in Colorbond®, Ultra, Stainless, Metallic, Matt, Zinc/Galv. Roof panels are also available in Magnaflow®
  • Rapid installation makes the ARCPANEL roof panel a clear winner over traditional roof construction
  • Fire rated up to Group 1 – roof and wall lining
  • Superior thermal – ratings up to R6.6 reduce heating & cooling demand & cost for the life of the building

Available Roof Types

Straight Roof Profile

Straight Roof

Straight panels can be manufactured up to 21 metres in length. Longer lengths can be achieved, contact us for further details.

Curved Roof Profile

Curved Roof

Curved panels are custom manufactured to suit your design requirements (minimum radii 2.5 metres).

Multi-Curved Roof Profile

Multi-Curved Roof

Multi-curved panels are custom manufactured to suit your design requirements (minimum radii 2.5 metres).

Bull-Nose Roof Profile

Bull-Nose Roof

Bull-nose panels can be manufactured to suit a bull-nose radii of 600mm, 750mm and 900mm. Bull-nose panels can be manufactured in lengths up to 21 metres.

Product Colour Range

Colour swatches are provided as an indication of colour only and may not be an actual representation of colour. We recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing.

Corrosion resistant options available for coastal applications – please contact us for more details.

Tested, Certified and Trusted

ARCPANEL Roof Systems are fully certified and engineered systems. Certification provides you with peace of mind that your roof system is Building Code compliant when choosing a ARCPANEL roof for your project.

Arcpanel products conform to the NCC (National Construction Code) as they meet specific performance requirements for the building application.

Need help selecting a roof for your project?

Call ARCPANEL for assistance on 1300 200 004 and speak with one of our experts.

Arcpanel – Our range of industry leading products

Formerly known as Ritek Roof Systems, ARCPANEL is an Australian owned company that manufactures innovative roof panel systems; providing a value added alternative to conventional construction methods.
Custom Panel

Custom Panel

Designed for roof pitch 5°+ roofing applications. The Custom Panel can be made in straight, curved, multi-curved & bullnose configurations. Thermal performance up to R6.5.

Find out more

Ecotek Panel

Ecotek Panel

Designed for both commercial and residential applications where low pitch 2°+ roofing applications are required. Ecotek Panel can be made straight & curved**.

Find out more

Firetek PIR Panel

Firetek PIR Panel

BAL 40 tested & certified, the Firetek PIR Panel is suited to both residential and commercial applications. Available in a range of profiles & configurations. Thermal performance up to R6.6.

Find out more

Aquatek Panel

For aquatic and corrosive environment applications both residential and commercial. Available in a range of profiles & configurations. Thermal performance up to R6.6.

Find out more

Smartek Panel

Smartek Panel

Contemporary in appearance, the Smartek Panel is formed using the Smartspan® profile on both roof and ceiling side of the panel. Suitable for roof pitch 2°+ applications.

Find out more

ARCPANEL Technical Documentation

The latest ARCPANEL electronic reference material is available online for you to view or download. To access detailed ARCPANEL technical documentation such as ‘ARCPANEL Roof Design Guides’ please click here and enter your details via the form.

Hard copies of our literature are available, please contact us on 1300 200 004 and provide your contact details.

If you cannot find the technical information you are looking for, our Sales Support Team can assist you with any document enquiries – 1300 200 004 .

Technical Library

Commercial Roof Systems - ARCPANEL Technical roof documents
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