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ARCPANEL Ecotek Roof Panel provides superior low pitch to 2°

Ritek Ecotek Roof Panel

Ecotek Panel Arcpanel

Trimdek Profile

Minimum roof pitch 2°
The ARCPANEL Ecotek Panel is Engineered without compromise to exceed BCA requirements with a superior low pitch capability.

The ARCPANEL Ecotek Roof Panel is ideal for use in residential applications; multi-residential; commercial office and retail buildings as well as for health and aged care; education; community; sports and recreation; entertainment; defence accommodation; social housing; train stations and infrastructure.

I like the simplicity of the ARCPANEL insulated roof system. Architecturally, I was attracted to the incredible cantilevers provided with such a thin elegant profile. Structurally – it can achieve enormous spans and on an environmental note, it provides terrific thermal comfort and is re-usable.

Scott Carpenter, Scott Carpenter Architect

Span Tables & Thermal Ratings

Ecotek Design Guide

The ARCPANEL Ecotek Roof Panel is a fully customised and complete roofing solution that is quick to install with superior span and cantilever capabilities.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Warranties up to 20 years
  • CodeMark Certified for BCA compliance
  • Superior thermal ratings up to R6.1
  • Suitable for use in cyclonic wind conditions
  • Superior low pitch to 2°
  • Top Sheet is available in COLORBOND® XRW, Ultra, Xtreme (Magnaflow), Metallic Stainless Steel and Zincalume
  • BRANZ Fire Certificate for BAL 29
  • Unsupported spans up to 12.3m
  • Panel thickness range from 90mm to 250mm
  • Pre-finished top and bottom sheet
  • Rapid installation

Available Roof Types

Ecotek Roof Panel Straight Roof Panel Straight Roof

Straight panels can be manufactured up to 24 metres in length. Longer lengths can be achieved, contact us for further details.

Ecotek Roof Panel Curved Roof Panel Curved Roof

Curved panels can be manufactured to radii greater than 50 metres.

Product Profile

Ecotek Roof Panel Roof Panel Profile

Product Information

ARCPANEL pre-fabrication starts with Trimdek topside and Corrugated COLORBOND sheeting underside, bonded to both sides of profiled EPS-FR. The panel yields high strength resulting in large spans & cantilevers along with a high insulation value. Standard ratings from R1.7 to R6.1 can easily be achieved. The strength of this construction means that the ARCPANEL ecotek roof panel is suitable for use in cyclonic conditions. After the panels are fixed in place, there is virtually no maintenance required other than the occasional wash down of soffits.


Thickness   90mm 110mm 130mm 150mm 175mm 200mm 210mm 250mm
R Value   1.7 2.3 2.8 3.4 4.0 4.7 5.0 6.1

Product Colour Range

Ecotek Roof Panel Specifications

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