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Automatic Waste Collection


Project Description

Automatic Waste Collection Station

Project: AWCS – Automatic Waste Collection Station
Project Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Project Size: 860m²
Architect: Hames Sharley
Builder: Kane Constructions
Engineer: Lucid (Services), WGA (Structural / Civils)

Arcpanel (250mm Ecotek) straight roof panels

The Sunshine Coast Council is continuing to cement its position as one of the most sustainable and innovative regions, by unveiling Australia’s first, high-tech, underground automated waste collection system for a CBD.

Lucid, Hames Sharley and WGA were engaged by the Sunshine City council to deliver a D&C package for this project, that Kane ultimately delivered. Basically it is a big box waste facility but the idea was to break down the industrial look. Materials such as the batons, glass and ribbed nature of the Arcpanel roofing system all played a part in it not looking like an industrial building.

The building is the first waste facility in the Southern Hemisphere to use a pneumatic vacuum system, transporting waste from a series of public realms located throughout Maroochydore, eliminating the need for waste trucks.

The materials were carefully picked for hygiene. The roof removed the need for multiple layers and still achieved the acoustic and thermal properties we required.

Three things drove the choice of using the Arcpanel roofing system for the roofing component of the build.

  • Ease of construction
  • Aesthetically it was what we were looking for the type of project whilst still allowing us to build in an industrial manner
  • Our acoustic, thermal and hygiene properties were all met by the panel.

Andy Ong
Associate – Hames Sharley

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