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Mount Sampson Project

Project: Mount Sampson Project
Design Architect: Paolo Denti
Roofer: Ron Brack Plumbing & Roofing

Paolo Denti of pent Archi specified the 140mm Custom Panel for the project located at camp mountain for its simplicity and ability to be made as a curved panel. Essentially, traditional elements such as battens, rafters, roof sheet, soffit, and ceiling is replaced by the pre-finished ARCPANEL Custom Panel. Depending on the room size, the Custom Panel can span from wall to wall, eliminating the roof structure all together. Spans of 12 metres and cantilevers of 4.5 metres are possible with the Custom Panel. Trimming out of eaves, lining and painting of soffits is also eliminated, and replaced with a ColorbondĀ® finish that need no maintenance other than the occasions wash.

Roof areas of 1,000mĀ² can be installed in a single day. As can be seen in this clip, the Mount Sampson installation was carried out in a matter of hours with only a small team and a crane. If you’re a builder with a lot on, having your walls up one day, and your roof, ceiling, & soffits completed the next brings lock-up forward substantially and frees up your trades.

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