Fill up in comfort at the new BP Service Centre Charlton

ARCPANEL Product: 500m2 of 140mm and 200mm ARCPANEL Insulated Custom Panel

Architect: Baldasso Cortese
Builder: FKG Group
Roof Installer: TNT Roofing

ARCPANEL Roof Systems has been the chosen roof system manufacturer by the architect, builder and roofer on a number of previous projects. The ARCPANEL Custom Panel was specified for the new BP Service Centre at Charlton as the client particularly liked the look, quality and finish of the ARCPANEL products, whilst offering thermal comfort to the patrons of the service centre under the 200mm of ARCPANEL insulated panel.

“ARCPANEL roof products are cost effective and saved construction time as we could immediately work beneath it eliminating different trades competing for space. The client was very impressed with the end result, particularly the superior aesthetics and finish of the product.”
David Sullivan of FKG Group

The large unsupported spanning capability of the ARCPANEL Roof enabled unobstructed, clear passage for vehicles to move around the service centre.

In this project, a section of the roof was underpinned and supported from the top rather than the traditional roofing method of supporting from underneath, offering improved aesthetics.

“The ARCPANEL products are quick and easy to install and the ARCPANEL team are great to work with providing fantastic service throughout the whole process from ordering to delivery.”
Tony Klein of TNT Roofing

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