ARCPANEL Roof beats others off the blocks

ARCPANEL Product: Over 1000m2 of ARCPANEL Aquatek Roof Panel
Architect: Brisbane City Council
Builder: Broad Constructions

Over 1000m2 of ARCPANEL Aquatek roof was used for the Brisbane City Council’s Bracken Ridge Aquatic Centre.
“Brisbane City Council always planned to choose a ARCPANEL Roof due to the large unsupported spanning capabilities which give a much neater finish with a less cluttered look.

We chose the Aquatek product due to its suitability for corrosive environments and zero maintenance requirements. To repaint a conventional roof would need the pool to be drained and this is eliminated with the Aquatek roof.

The structure was much simpler to detail and roof depth easier to control compared to a conventional roof.”
Brisbane City Council Architect, Gianna Bruschi

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